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CIAO DATE: 09/2013

Sosyal Demokrasi Küresel Çevre İçin Bir Siyasal Alternatif Olabilir Mi?

Çağla Gül Yesevi

January 2013

Global Political Trends Center


Social democracy was born as a reaction to the social problems created by capitalist moderni zation in the nineteenth century. It had a central role in the making of the modern European societies. During the twentieth century, it had immense organizational successes and election victories transforming political relationships in those societies. In the 1970s, orientation towards social democracy increased within many of the countries in the global periphery. Today, social democracy prevails as an influential and successful political and social power system in these periphery countries. This paper seeks to answer whether social democracy should continue to be a model for other countries in the periphery.