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CIAO DATE: 07/2010

Cyprus: Unity and Difference

Rauf R. Denktas, Michael Moran

April 2009

Global Political Trends Center


This series of letters came about as follows. Sometime late in April, 2008 I went to see President Denktaş at his office in Nicosia, partly as a courtesy visit and partly because I thought he would be interested to read two documents I brought with me. One was a long article on Cyprus by Perry Anderson, a well-known British leftist, now teaching at an American university. Anderson’s piece had recently appeared in the London Review of Books to which journal he was a regular contributor. The other thing I gave Denktaş was a letter I had sent to the LRB pointing out, in effect, what a one-sided, slapdash assortment of misinformation Anderson had inflicted on the British reading public.