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CIAO DATE: 04/2012

Global networks of mediation: Prospects and avenues for Finland as a peacemaker

Touko Piiparinen (ed.), Ville Brummer (ed.)

March 2012

Finnish Institute for International Affairs


Today’s peace mediation involves a greater number and diversity of actors than ever before. States can no longer function as unitary actors, utilising governmental resources and official structures alone. Rather, states are embedded in global networks of regional and non-governmental actors such as local civil society actors and private diplomacy organisations, which they have to rely on in implementing mediation and negotiation processes. Therefore, the interface between official and unofficial sectors is becoming an ever more timely research object in the study of mediation. Global networks of mediation, a report co-produced by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) and Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), analyses the evolving field of global peace mediation and examines different institutional solutions, cooperation mechanisms and modes of action which Finland could adopt to perform successful mediation and to develop its mediation capacities.