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CIAO DATE: 06/2008

Russian Foreign Policy Think Tanks in 2002

Katri Pynnöniemi

January 2003

Finnish Institute for International Affairs


This report provides a general picture of research institutes working in the areas of foreign and security policy in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the following, I will briefly discuss changes in research financing and the consequent reorganisation of the research community. After this, major changes in the study of international relations in Russia are also discussed. A list of the most important research institutes in Moscow and St. Petersburg is appended to the report. In addition, information is provided on the forums and publications of most importance in the foreign-policy debate.

For the purposes of this report, some twenty Russian researchers and experts on Russian foreign and security policy were interviewed in Moscow and St. Petersburg in April–August 2002. I would like to thank all the persons interviewed, and also those who commented on my paper. The study has been commissioned and financed by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.