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CIAO DATE: 05/2015

Global risk hotspots: an EIU assessment

April 2015

Economist Intelligence Unit


Now, more than ever, financial institutions require authoritative and trusted assessments of credit risk to pursue profitable opportunities in challenging markets. This report provides a snapshot of some of the capabilities of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (The EIU’s) risk assessment services. It analyses risk scenarios in depth, to help you understand and respond to risks that could impact your business. The EIU can help you assess and compare cross-border credit and financial risk in 128 markets worldwide. Our Country Risk Service provides in-depth ratings enables you to swiftly identify countries which are experiencing a deterioration or improvement in creditworthiness and to rank countries in order of riskiness, it’s a valuable tool to help your organisation to optimise its country credit limits. The following articles look at some of the main risk-rating categories (sovereign, currency, banking, politics and economic structure) to provide a snapshot of the analysis, including any grade changes, positive and negative factors, and the risk-rating outlook over the next twelve months.