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CIAO DATE: 06/2011

GAVI's Future: Steps to Build Strategic Leadership, Financial Sustainability, and Better Partnerships

Lisa Carty, Amanda Glassman, J. Stephen Morrison, Margaret Reeves

June 2011

Center for Global Development


On June 13, the GAVI Alliance will hold its first pledging conference, seeking to obtain commitments for US$ 3.7 billion for the 2011–15 period. Remarkably, in the midst of a historic global recession, the GAVI replenishment is set to achieve its ambitious fundraising target. GAVI’s success reflects the strength of its mission and supporting evidence base, its global champions, its innovative financing and partnership model, and its clarified messaging in recent months. In the lead up to the meeting, GAVI has also delivered vaccine manufacturer commitment to significantly lower prices for rotavirus and HPV vaccines and increased transparency on vaccine prices via its partner UNICEF. As GAVI and its new leadership look beyond June 13, Amanda Glassman of CGD and Lisa Carty, Margaret Reeves, and Stephen Morrison of CSIS have joined to recommend an agenda that builds on GAVI’s comparative advantage and maximizes impact on child health. Their recommendations include the following: * Create new incentives for recipient countries to adequately finance their entire vaccination program. * Engage GAVI graduate countries and other lower middle-income countries in a targeted manner, using results-based financing, higher co-financing requirements and reputational incentives. * Close GAVI’s non-vaccine funding windows and use these funds to instead pay ex-post for improvements in vaccination coverage, measured rigorously and independently. * Establish longer-term contracts with vaccine manufacturers, building on the Advanced Market Commitment, to further drive down vaccine prices and support the rapid introduction of new vaccines.