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CIAO DATE: 08/2006

Challenges for a Postelection Mexico

Pamela Starr

June 2006

Council on Foreign Relations


Mexico took center stage in American politics during the first half of 2006 with the debate over immigration. Precisely during this time of heated tensions and sensitivities on both sides of the border, the Mexican people will go to the polls to participate in democratic elections and choose a president. Mexico's new president will face great difficulties at home, in the bilateral relationship with the United States, and in navigating the global economy. The United States has a stake in Mexico meeting these challenges, something that calls for imaginative American policies vis-à-vis immigration, border security, and the economic competitiveness of Mexico and North America.

This Council Special Report by Pamela K. Starr details the economic and political choices awaiting Mexico's next president and offers concrete policy recommendations to the U.S. government on how to help Mexico deal with its challenges and, in the process, help itself.