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CIAO DATE: 09/2011

The Green Growth Economies Project Country Cases: An Analytical Overview

June 2011

Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy


This set of seven green growth cases explores the variety of green growth strategies countries and states are putting into practice: how they define success; what obstacles they face; and what kinds of policy outcomes they produce. In essence, what is the political and economic logic underpinning different strategies and their success? First, what are the core energy problems or key objectives that a country seeks to solve – energy availability? Independence? Predictability or affordability of energy pricing? Economic growth? Particulate pollution? Emissions? Others? Second, what is a country’s energy system endowment? In other words, what are the domestic resources it is given to work with? Is it well endowed with coal, gas, sun, wind, or some other resource or mix of resources?