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Mission Statement

The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries.

Founded in 1921, the Council takes no institutional positions on matters of policy. The Council carries out its mission by:

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Policy Briefs

Title: How to Make Fuel Subsidy Reform Succeed
Authors: Isobel Coleman
Date: August 2014

Title: Designing a Global Coalition of Medicines Regulators
Authors: Stewart M. Patrick, Jeffrey Wright
Date: August 2014

Title: Curtailing the Subsidy War Within the United States
Authors: Edward Alden, Rebecca Strauss
Date: May 2014

Title: Egypt's Solvency Crisis
Authors: Steven A. , Cook
Date: April 2014

Title: Dangerous Space Incidents
Authors: Micah Zenko
Date: April 2014

Title: Banking on Growth: U.S. Support for Small and Medium Enterprises in Least-Developed Countries
Authors: Seth G. Jones
Date: December 2013

Title: The Case for Allowing U.S. Crude Oil Exports
Authors: Blake Clayton
Date: July 2013

Title: Ending Gaza's Isolation
Authors: Robert M. Danin
Date: July 2013

Title: A Strategy to Reduce Gun Trafficking and Violence in the Americas
Authors: Julia E. Sweig
Date: July 2013

Title: Political Warfare
Authors: Max Boot
Date: June 2013

Title: Preventing Pharmageddon: Treatment Access for Noncommunicable Diseases
Authors: Thomas Bollyky
Date: May 2013

Title: Transferring CIA Drone Strikes to the Pentagon
Authors: Micah Zenko
Date: April 2013

Title: A Sino-Japanese Clash in the East China Sea
Authors: Sheila A. Smith
Date: April 2013

Title: Shortcut to U.S. Economic Competitiveness: A Seamless North American Market
Authors: Robert A. Pastor
Date: March 2013

Title: Exiting from Monetary Stimulus: A Better Plan for the Fed
Authors: Benn Steil
Date: March 2013

Title: Support Process Over Personalities in Pakistan
Authors: Daniel Markey
Date: February 2013

Title: Using Oil Taxes to Improve Fiscal Reform
Authors: Daniel P. Ahn
Date: January 2013

Title: Quarterly Update: Foreign Ownership of U.S. Assets
Authors: Dinah Walker
Date: January 2013

Title: Electoral Violence in Kenya
Authors: Joel D. Barkan
Date: January 2013

Title: Refocusing U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation
Authors: Shannon K. O'Neil
Date: December 2012

Title: Quarterly Update: The U.S. Economic Recovery in Historical Context
Authors: Dinah Walker
Date: November 2012

Title: A Global Trust for Rule of Law
Authors: Mark P. Lagon
Date: October 2012

Title: Political Unrest in Venezuela
Authors: Patrick D. Duddy
Date: September 2012

Title: Zimbabwe: An Opportunity for Closer U.S.-South Africa Relations
Authors: John Campbell
Date: August 2012

Title: Renewed Violence in Iraq
Authors: Douglas A. Ollivant
Date: August 2012

Title: What It Will Take to Secure Afghanistan
Authors: Max Boot
Date: June 2012

Title: Armed Clash in the South China Sea
Authors: Bonnie S. Glaser
Date: April 2012

Title: Next Steps for Pakistan Strategy
Authors: Daniel Markey
Date: May 2011

Title: Crisis in the Congo: CPA Contingency Planning
Authors: Joshua Marks
Date: May 2011

Title: Japan's Nuclear Tremors After Quake
Authors: Jayshree Bajoria
Date: March 2011

Title: Cyberspace Governance: The Next Step
Authors: Adam Segal
Date: March 2011

Title: From AfPak to PakAf: A Response to the New U.S. Strategy for South Asia
Authors: Daniel Markey
Date: April 2009

Title: Policy Options Paper: Pakistan
Authors: Daniel Markey
Date: December 2007