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CIAO DATE: 08/2014

The United States and the Global Future

Uri Dadush, Banning Garrett, David Ignatius, James B. Steinberg

March 2012

Atlantic Council


How will the US economy evolve over the next twenty years and what might be the impact of various US economic scenarios on the global system? Will the United States have a Japan-like decade or two of anemic growth? If so, would this lead the United States to reduce its foreign involvement and commitments, become more protectionist, and focus on its internal problems? Or will the United States solve its fiscal and debt problems, reinvigorate growth and innovation, and return to sustainable economic growth? Would this underpin a renewed commitment to active US global leadership in mobilizing international cooperation to manage security, economic growth, and global challenges? The economic future of the United States will be a critical factor determining the shape of the world in 2030.