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CIAO DATE: 08/2014

Learning from Libya: The Right Lessons for NATO

Damon M. Wilson

September 2011

Atlantic Council


“While NATO’s ‘Operation Unified Protector’ has revealed strains within the Alliance and foreshadows future challenges, the Libya operation is a great success.” That is the conclusion of Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Damon Wilson in his Strategic Advisors Group issue brief, released as leaders of the Transitional National Council meet today in Paris with leading diplomats from around the world to discuss a post-Qaddafi Libya.

Wilson’s brief, entitled “Learning from Libya: The Right Lessons for NATO,” makes the case that the Alliance’s accomplishment of its objectives in Libya at such a low cost is a testament to NATO’s unique strengths, even as it spotlights growing concerns about falling European defense spending and ambivalent US leadership within the Alliance.