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CIAO DATE: 08/2014

Reforming and Modernizing NATO Defense Education

Harlan Ullman, Julian Lindley-French

June 2010

Atlantic Council


Strategic Advisors Group (SAG) members Harlan Ullman and Julian Lindley-French implore NATO to innovate and modernize its defense education construct in the latest SAG Issue Brief.

NATO must do more with less. The only way this can work is to exercise our intellects and brainpower. That leads to the absolute need for a continuous learning process in which knowledge and understanding are the goals. The complexity of the strategic environment demands no less. This applies to all ranks and services.

While we spend on education and training and often confuse the two, the fact is that much of this effort is not coordinated or integrated. If we are to achieve a “brains-based” approach to solving our key problems and challenges, we must invent a process and environment of continuous learning and education with knowledge and understanding as the goals. New knowledge communities will emerge both within and beyond the Alliance. NATO must exploit these communities in pursuit of cutting-edge education and effect.