Turkish Journal of International Relations

Turkish Journal of International Relations

Volume 4, Numbers 1 and 2, Spring-Summer 2005


The U.S. Occupation of Iraq and the Arab World
By Adnan M. Hayajneh and Jamal A. Al-Shalabi



The aim of this paper is to discuss the affects of the US occupation of Iraq on the Arab world and on the United States. It will try to answer several questions including: will the failure of the US mean the continuation of conflict in Iraq. Will Iraq be left in a chaotic situation? How other Arab and non Arab-neighboring states will behave under the continuation of conflict in Iraq and in the possible chaos if the US decided to call its mission off in Iraq? What are the implications of failure on the US world image? Will the US succeed in bringing democracy and stability to Iraq and present it as model to the Arab world. What are the responses from the rest of the Arab World to the making of the New Iraq? More importantly, the paper will concentrate on the future security arrangement of the US namely the future relationship between the Arab States and the U.S. in terms of the security arrangement and scenarios of post-war Iraq and regional security and how this will influence Arab -US relations. These are so many important questions the paper will try to tackle.

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