Turkish Journal of International Relations

Turkish Journal of International Relations

Volume 3, Numbers 2 and 3, Summer-Fall 2004


The Political Obstacles Encountering the Euro-Muslim Co-existence
By Sami Al-khazendar



At present, many talk about the issue of cultures or civilizations with much focus being given to the issue of Western and Islamic cultures. While some talk about or “clash of civilizations”, some others defend civilizations dialogue “intercultural dialogue”. Both groups, no doubt, are possessed by intellectual and academic motives. Yet, the persistent discussion of this issue by certain countries, institutions and research centers is, by no means, isolated from unfolding political changes at global and regional levels. Therefore, there has been a growing political and academic Western interest in the Islamic phenomenon as well as the present Islamic - Western relations. A lot of universities and research centers are currently leading an academic movement in this regard that can be best seen through many relevant aspects such as conferences, publications, local and international seminars, and the emergence of many specialized academic institutions.

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