Turkish Journal of International Relations

Turkish Journal of International Relations

Volume 2, Numbers 3 and 4, Fall-Winter 2003


Human Rights, the European Union and Turkey
By Cenap Çakmak



Westernization, namely taking place in Western world, has been one of the outstanding foreign policy objectives of Republic of Turkey, established in 1923. Although it is usually considered as the initiative of the Republic, the Ottoman Empire, governed by the Ottoman dynasty for more than six centuries, the dynasty occupying the throne for the longest time duration throughout the history, has spent efforts to adopt itself to Western norms and political order. As a result of these efforts and political conditions of 19th century in Europe, the Ottoman Empire was admitted to the European System by Paris Treaty, which ended Crimean War, in 1856. Therefore, it can be basically argued that taking place in Western World has always remained the main purpose of Turkish politics.

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