Turkish Journal of International Relations

Turkish Journal of International Relations

Volume 1, Number 4, Winter 2002


What Impact Globalization has on Cultural Diversity?
By Nkosinathi Sotshangane



Multicultural nature of our society has been ignored. Most countries have been failing to recognize the enriching value of diverse cultures. South Africa, for example, is culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse. It is tempting to deny this diversity consciously or unconsciously. Cultural diversity is now a fact of life in today’s “global village”. Many people have been experiencing the negative effects of the globalization process. Towards the end of the last closed century, there have been some protest movements against globalization on new world economic, political, cultural, technological, religious order, and the way the pros and cons of a new global world have been assessed. However, this paper will focus on the cultural dimension, giving special attention to the impact of globalization on cultural diversity. Firstly, I want to present a concept of culture which I think, is appropriate to most cultures: the concept of multiculturalism. I believe the concept of multiculturalism to be the most adequate concept of culture today. Secondly, I will explain why cultures are different but ought to be considered equal. Thirdly, I will go on discuss the influence that globalization has on multiculturalism. In conclusion, I will discuss some important practical features showing why there is no one who can afford to ignore the issue of multiculturalism. Because modern societies are multicultural in themselves encompassing a multitude of varying ways of life and lifestyles.

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