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Human Rights and International Law

Human Rights and Comparative Foreign Policy: Foundations of Peace
David P. Forsythe, editor
United Nations University



  1. Introduction

Part I: Some liberal democracies of the OECD

  1. US foreign policy and human rights: The price of principles after the Cold War
    David P. Forsythe

  2. Trials and errors: The Netherlands and human rights
    Peter R. Baehr

  3. British foreign policy and human rights: From low to high politics
    Sally Morphet

  4. Japan's foreign policy towards human rights: Uncertain changes
    Yozo Yokota and Chiyuki Aoi

Part II: Some other states

  1. Russian foreign policy and human rights: Conflicted culture and uncertain policy
    Sergei V. Chugrov

  2. India's human rights diplomacy: Crisis and transformation
    Sanjoy Banerjee

  3. Iran and human rights
    Zachary Karabell

  4. Human rights and foreign policy in Central Europe: Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland
    Gábor Kardos

  5. Human rights and foreign policy in post-apartheid South Africa
    Tiyanjana Maluwa

  6. Latin American foreign policies and human rights
    Cristina Eguizabal

  7. An overview
    Jack Donnelly

Postscript: The Kosovo crisis
David P. Forsythe

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