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The University of Washington Press is the nonprofit book and multimedia publishing arm of the University of Washington. During the 76 years of its existence, the University of Washington Press has played an important role as the major scholarly publisher in the U.S. north of California and west of the Rockies. The Press has published approximately 2,500 books, of which about 1,000 are currently in print. Today we publish about sixty new titles each year.

From the beginning the Press has reflected the University’s major academic strengths. Building on those strengths, the Press has achieved recognition as the leading publisher of scholarly books and distinguished works of regional nonfiction in the Pacific Northwest. Our titles cover a wide variety of academic fields, many of which reflect the strengths of our parent university. The Press has especially distinguished lists in Asian studies, Russian and East European Studies, Middle East Studies, anthropology, Western history and biography, environmental history, marine studies, and Scandinavian literature. We are recognized as the foremost publisher in the country on the art and culture of the Northwest Coast Indians and Alaskan Eskimos, and as a leader in the publication of materials dealing with the Asian American experience. In recent years, the Press has established copublishing and distribution relationships with a growing list of art museums and other institutions around the world.


Title: Cosmopolitan Capitalists: Hong Kong and the Chinese Diaspora at the End of the 20th Century
Authors: Gary G. Hamilton (ed.)
Date: January 1999

Title: America's New Allies: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in NATO
Authors: Zoltan Barany, Dale R. Herspring, Sean Kay, Andrew A. Michta, Thomas S. Szayna
Date: January 1999

Title: Rethinking Modernity and National Identity in Turkey
Authors: Yesim Arat, Sibel Bozdogan, Ernest Gellner, Nilufer Gole, Haldun Gulalp, Deniz Kandiyoti, Resat Kasaba, Caglar Keyder, Serif Mardin, Michael E. Meeker, Joel S. Migdal, Gulsum Baydar Nalbantoglu, Roger Owen, Meral Ozbek
Date: January 1997