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UCIAS publishes peer-reviewed articles, monographs and edited volumes drawn from research projects, workshops, seminars, conferences, and related efforts of internationally oriented institutes, centers, and programs involving University of California and UC-affiliated scholars.

UCIAS makes the ideas, information, and analyses of international, area, and comparative researchers across the University of California system instantly available free of charge to scholars around the world. UCIAS encourages readers to communicate directly with the authors of UCIAS publications to accelerate and expand international intellectual exchanges, critiques, and collaborations. UCIAS may be contacted at


Title: The Politics of Knowledge: Area Studies and the Disciplines
Authors: Victoria E. Bonnell, John Bowen, George Breslauer, Ellen Comisso, Nicholas B. Dirks, Paul Drake, Brad Gutierrez, Lisa Hilbink, Timothy Mitchell, Pearl T. Robinson, Alan Tansman, Andrew G. Walder
Date: January 2003

Title: Dynamics of Regulatory Change: How Globalization Affects National Regulatory Policies
Authors: Christopher J. Carr, Magali A. Delmas, Joyce Gelb, Daniel P. Gitterman, Robert A. Kagan, R. Daniel Kelemen, Dale D. Murphy, Kate O'Neill, Diahanna Post, Harry N. Scheiber, Beth Simmons, David G. Victor, David Vogel
Date: January 2002