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Lynne Rienner Publishers


Lynne Rienner Publishers is a publisher of academic and scholarly books and journals in the social sciences and humanities; including the Three Continents series of distinguished titles in fiction, poetry, and criticism.


Title: Women, Culture, and International Relations
Authors: Stephen Chan, Nicholas Higgins, Kimberly Hutchings, Vivienne Jabri, Eleanor O'Gorman, Nalini Persram, Sarah C. White
Date: January 1999

Title: The Second Nuclear Age
Authors: Colin S. Gray
Date: January 1999

Title: The Nation-State and Global Order
Authors: Walter C. Jr. Opello, Stephen J. Rosow
Date: January 1999

Title: The Americas In Transition: The Contours of Regionalism
Authors: Louis Belanger, Ivan Bernier, Andre C. Drainville, Klaus Peter Fischer, Guy Gosselin, Bernard Lemelin, Gordon Mace, Martin Roy, Maria Regina Soares de Lima, Jean-Philippe Therien
Date: January 1999

Title: Security, Strategy, and Critical Theory
Authors: Richard Wyn Jones
Date: January 1999

Title: Minorities and the State in the Arab World
Authors: Ami Ayalon, Gabriel Ben-Dor, Ofra Bengio, Joseph Kostiner, Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, Uzi Rabi, Yehudit Ronen, Asher Susser, Meir Zamir, Eyal Zisser
Date: January 1999

Title: Dilemmas of Reform in Jiang Zemin's China
Authors: Gene Hsin Chang, Jie Chen, Xiaonong Cheng, Hungdah Chiu, Zhaohui Hong, C. W. Kenneth Keng, Shaomin Li, Hong Liang, Andrew J. Nathan, John M. II Scheb, Steven R. Smith, Yi Sun, Guoqiang Tian, Guoguang Wu, Zhong Yang, Jason Z. Yin, Wei Yu
Date: January 1999

Title: Selling Globalization
Authors: Michael Veseth
Date: January 1998

Title: Ethnopolitics in the New Europe
Authors: Marijke Breuning, John Ishiyama
Date: January 1998

Title: The Anthropology of Anger: Civil Society and Democracy in Africa
Authors: Linda Fleck, Celestin Monga
Date: January 1996