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Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) is designed to be the most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. It publishes a wide range of scholarship that includes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, and proceedings from conferences.

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Title: Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential
Authors: Gene Sharp
Date: January 2005

Title: The State of International Relations Research and Perspectives in Germany
Authors: Gunther Hellmann, Klaus Dieter Wolf, Michael Zürn
Date: August 2003

Title: America's Peace Dividend
Authors: David Berteau, Joseph Cirincione, William D. Hartung, David Gold, Owen Herrnstadt, Lawrence J. Korb, Joel Johnson, Charles Knight, Ann Markusen, David Mosher, Michael Oden, Katherine Schinasi, Cindy Williams, Laura Wolf-Powers, Dov S. Zakheim
Date: January 2000

Title: Empire Without Tears: America's Foreign Relations 1921-1933
Authors: Warren I. Cohen
Date: January 1987