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Losing Control?
Sovereignty in an Age of Globalization

Saskia Sassen

New York

Columbia University Press



I am grateful to the Leonard Hastings Schoff Memorial Fund for its support; it was an enormous pleasure and honor to deliver the public lectures named after the fund. I want to thank the University Seminars, most particularly its director, Dean Aaron Warner, and its administrative assistant, Jessie Strader, the organizers of this annual series of lectures. I also want to thank Columbia University Press, especially its publisher and director, John Moore, for support and guidance, Anne McCoy for help during the production process, and Sarah St. Onge for her excellent copyediting; working with a press that is so supportive makes a big difference. Jagdish Bhagwati, Katherine Newman, and John Ruggie gave wonderful introductions to each of the lectures. Durval Diaz Jr. and Arturo Sanchez provided valuable research assistance. Finally, I owe a large debt to the people who came to these lectures, for their interest, engagement, good questions, and the discussions afterward.

At various stages, portions of the manuscript were read by a large number of people, who made comments and criticisms, who disagreed and agreed with me. I want to thank them all. They have made it a better book.