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Building State and Security in Afghanistan

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber

November 2007

Liechtenstein Institute on Self Determination, Princeton University



List of Acronyms ix

Acknowledgements xi

Afghanistan as a Land Bridge Country
Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan xiv

Can Afghanistan Become the Switzerland of Asia?
Prince Hans Adam II. of Liechtenstein xvii

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber and Robert P. Finn xxi

Part I: State-Building
1. Building State and Security
William Maley 3

2. Security in Afghanistan
A Historical Perspective
Marvin G. Weinbaum 19

3. Constitutional Engineering and Democratic Stability
The Debate Surrounding the Crafting of Political Institutions
in Afghanistan
Andrew Reynolds 36

4. A Third Branch?
(Re)establishing the Judicial System in Afghanistan
J Alexander Thier 56

Part II: Centralization versus Decentralization
5. Centralization versus Decentralization
The Importance of Sequencing and Timing
Rani D. Mullen 75

6. State-Building at the Subnational Level in Afghanistan
A Missed Opportunity
Andrew Wilder and Sarah Lister 85

7. Civil Society and State-Building in Afghanistan
Susanne Schmeidl 102

8. The Afghan Economy
Wolfgang Danspeckgruber and Robert P. Finn 128

9. The Failure to Bridge the Security Gap
The PRT Plan, 2002-2004
Barbara J. Stapleton 147

10. Keeping the Peace without Peacekeepers
Eckart Schiewek 167

Part III: The International Perspective
11. The Afghanistan-Pakistan Border and Afghanistan's
Long-Term Stability
Amin Saikal 215

12. Islam and the Transformative Power of Tradition
Anna Seleny 227

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber 241

Appendix I
Timeline of Key Events 248

Appendix II
UN Security Council Resolutions Related to Afghanistan 267

Bibliography 273

Contributors 290

Index 297