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Refugee Rights: Ethics, Advocacy, and Africa

David Hollenbach (ed)

April 2008

Georgetown University Press


Table of Contents 

Refugee Rights: Ethics, Advocacy, and Africa
Edited by David Hollenbach, SJ

Introduction: Human Rights as an Ethical Framework for Advocacy
David Hollenbach

Part I: Displacement as a Human Rights Challenge

1. There is More than One Way of Dying: An Ethiopian Perspective on the Effects of Long-Term Stays in Refugee Camps
Abebe Feyissa, with Rebecca Horn

2. What We Owe to Refugees and IDPs: An Inquiry into the Rights of the Forcibly Displaced
William O'Neill

Part II: Camps, Settlement, and Human Rights

3. The Presence of Burundian Refugees in Western Tanzania: Ethical Responsibilities as a Framework for Advocacy
Joint Commission for Refugees of the Burundi and Tanzania Episcopal Conferences

4. The Right to Freedom of Movement for Refugees in Uganda
Lucy Hovil and Moses Chrispus Okello

5. The Plight of Urban Refugees in Nairobi, Kenya
John Burton Wagacha and John Guiney

6. Protection as Capability Expansion: Practical Ethics for Assisting Urban Refugees
Loren Landau

Part III: Gender and The Rights of the Displaced

7. Sexual Violence, Gender Roles, and Displacement
Binaifer Nowrojee

8. Justice, Women's Rights, and Forced Migration
Susan Martin

Part IV: Conflict, Protection, and Return

9. Human Rights, the Use of Force, and Displacement in the Great Lakes Region: Reflections on a Troubling Trend
Khoti Kamanga

10. Internally Displaced People, Sovereignty, and the Responsibility to Protect
David Hollenbach

11. Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda: A Challenge for Peace and Reconciliation
Lam Oryem Cosmas

12. Justice and Peace: Reintegration and Reconciliation of Returning Displaced Persons in Postconflict Situations
Stephen J. Pope

Part V: Ethics and Rights in Practice

13. Key Ethical Issues in the Practices and Policies of Refugee-Serving NGOs and Churches
Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator


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