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CIAO DATE: 10/2010

Vaults, Mirrors, and Masks: Rediscovering U.S. Counterintelligence

Jennifer E. Sims (ed), Burton Gerber (ed)

December 2008

Georgetown University Press


Table of Contents

Vaults, Mirrors, and Masks: Rediscovering U.S. Counterintelligence
Edited by Jennifer E. Sims, Burton Gerber

Democracies and Counterintelligence: The Enduring Challenge
Jennifer E. Sims

Part 1: Framing the Problem

1. Twenty-first Century Counterintelligence: The Theoretical Basis for Reform
Jennifer E. Sims

2. Counterintelligence: The American Experience
John Fox Jr. and Michael Warner

3. Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Perception, and Deception
Robert Jervis

4. Counterintelligence and U.S. Strategic Culture
Austin K. Yamada

Part 2: Tools and Tactics

5. A Time for Counterespionage
Robert Wallace

6. Defense Counterintelligence, Reconceptualized
Vincent H. Bridgeman

7. Counterintelligence and Law Enforcement
Kathleen L. Kiernan

8. Counterintelligence: Too Narrowly Practiced
James R. Gosler

9. Economic or Industrial Espionage: Who is Eating America's Lunch, and How Do We Stop It?
Harvey Rishikof

Part 3: Strategies

10. Private-Sector Counterintelligence Strategies: Principles for Consideration
Rodney Faraon

11. A Federal Approach to Domestic Intelligence
Timothy R. Sample

12. Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism, Civil Liberties, and the Domestic Intelligence Controversy
Richard A. Posner

13. The Way Ahead
Jennifer E. Sims and Burton Gerber