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Analyzing Intelligence: Origins, Obstacles, and Innovations

Roger Z. George (ed), James B. Bruce (ed)

April 2008

Georgetown University Press


Table of Contents

Analyzing Intelligence: Origins, Obstacles, and Innovations
Edited by Roger Z. George, James B. Bruce

Introduction: Intelligence Analysis-The Emergence of a Discipline
James B. Bruce and Roger Z. George

Part One: The Analytic Tradition
1. The Evolution of Intelligence Analysis
John H. Hedley

2. The Track Record: CIA Analysis from 1950-2000
Richard J. Kerr

3. Is Intelligence Analysis a Discipline?
Rebecca Fisher and Rob Johnston

Part Two: The Policy-Analyst Relationship
4. Serving the National Policymaker
John McLaughlin

5. The Policymaker's Perspective: Transparency and Partnership
James B. Steinberg

6. Intelligence Analysis: Between "Politicization" and Irrelevance
Gregory F. Treverton

Part Three: Enduring Challenges
7. The Art of Strategy and Intelligence
Roger Z. George

8. Foreign Denial and Deception: Analytical Imperatives
James B. Bruce and Michael Bennett

9. U.S. Military Intelligence Analysis: Old and New Challenges
David Thomas

Part Four: Diagnosis and Prescription
10. Why Bad Things Happen to Good Analysts
Jack Davis

11. Making Analysis More Reliable: Why Epistemology Matters to Intelligence
James B. Bruce

12. The Missing Link: The Analyst-Collector Relationship
James B. Bruce

Part Five: Leading Analytic Change
13. Managing Analysis in the Information Age
John C. Gannon

14. Intelligence in Transition: Analysis after September 11 and Iraq
Mark M. Lowenthal

15. The New Analysis
Carmen A. Medina

Part Six: New Frontiers of Analysis
16. Computer-Aided Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
Richards J. Heuer Jr.

17. Predictive Warning: Teams, Networks, and Scientific Method
Timothy J. Smith

18. Homeland Security Intelligence: Rationale, Requirements, and Current Status
Bruce Berkowitz

Conclusion: The Age of Analysis
Roger Z. George and James B. Bruce

Glossary of Analytic Terms


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