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CIAO DATE: 10/2010

NATO in Search of a Vision

G. lnur Aybet (ed), Rebecca R. Moore (ed)

February 2010

Georgetown University Press


Lawrence Freedman

Introduction: Missions in Search of a Vision
G. lnur Aybet and Rebecca R. Moore

1. NATO at Sixty and Beyond
Jamie Shea

2. The NATO Strategic Concept Revisited: Grand Strategy and Emerging Issues
G. lnur Aybet

3. NATO's Secretaries General: Organizational Leadership in Shaping Alliance Strategy
Ryan C. Hendrickson

4. Implementing NATO's Comprehensive Approach to Complex Operations
Friis Arne Petersen, Hans Binnendijk, Charles Barry, and Peter Lehmann Nielsen

5. NATO-Russia Relations: Will the Future Resemble the Past?
Martin A. Smith

6. Missile Defenses and the European Security Dilemma
Sean Kay

7. The "New" Members and Future Enlargement: The Impact of NATO-Russia Relations
Roger E. Kanet

8. NATO Enlargement and the Western Balkans
Gabriele Cascone

9. The Future of the Alliance: Is Demography Destiny?
Jeffrey Simon

10. Partnership Goes Global: The Role of Nonmember, Non-European Union States in the Evolution of NATO
Rebecca R. Moore

Conclusion: Looking Forward
G. lnur Aybet and Rebecca R. Moore




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