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Freedom from Want: The Human Right to Adequate Food

George Kent

June 2005

Georgetown University Press


Table of Contents

Freedom from Want: The Human Right to Adequate Food
George Kent

List of Tables and Figures
Foreword by Jean Ziegler

Introduction: Taking Rights Seriously

Part I. Foundations

Chapter 1. Food and Nutrition

Causes of Malnutrition
Growth Measurement
Numbers of Malnourished People
Malnutrition and Mortality
Comparative Morality
Food and Nutrition Security
Varieties of Government Action

Chapter 2. The International Human Rights System

Historical Foundations
International Humanitarian Law
The International Bill of Human Rights
Children's Rights
Regional Human Rights Agreements
Human Rights Agencies
United Nations Charter Bodies
United Nations Treaty Bodies
Civil Society Organizations
Informal Civil Society

Chapter 3. Adequate Food is a Human Right

Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Food in International Human Rights Law
Food in International Humanitarian Law
Global Declarations and Commitments
General Comment 12
The Special Rapporteur
The Voluntary Guidelines

Part II. Human Rights Systems

Chapter 4. Human Rights, Governance, and Law

Human Rights and Governance
Studying Human Rights in National Governance
The Role of National Law
Universal Human Rights and the Role of International Law

Chapter 5. Rights/Entitlements

Moral versus Legal Rights
Soft versus Hard Rights
Rights as Goals
Rights Imply Entitlements
Determining Local Entitlements
Having versus Realizing Rights

Chapter 6. Obligations and Commitments

Moral Responsibilities
When Do Governments Do Human Rights Work?
Levels of Government Obligation
Economic Rights
The Obligation of Good Governance
Obligations of Nonstate Actors
Questionable Charity

Chapter 7. Accountability Mechanisms

Varieties of Accountability
Remedies for Rights Holders
National and Local Human Rights Agencies
Accountability through Public Action

Chapter 8. India

The Supreme Court Case
Starvation is Not the Problem
The Missing Piece in India's Rights System
The Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Project

Chapter 9. Brazil

Chapter 10. The United States

Chapter 11. Feeding Infants

Breast-Feeding Rights
Infants' Human Right to Adequate Food
Women's Right to Breast-Feed versus Infants' Right to be Breast-Fed

Chapter 12. Feeding Infants of HIV-Positive Mothers

Official Guidance on HIV/AIDS and Infant Feeding
A Court Case
Informed Choice

Chapter 13. Water

The Household Water Problem
Water Rights are Different
General Comment 15

Chapter 14. Trade

The Human Right to Adequate Food in Relation to Trade
Reconciling Different Frameworks
Food Sovereignty

Chapter 15. Refugees

Issues in Refugee Nutrition
Explanations and Justifications for Uneven Services
The Human Right to Adequate Food
The Adequacy Question
Specifying the Obligations
Limiting the Obligations
The Work Ahead

Chapter 16. International Humanitarian Assistance

Rights to Assistance
The Provider's Motivation

Chapter 17. Global Human Rights

Global Rights and Global Obligations
Global Accountability
Strategic Planning