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How East Asians View Democracy

Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, Andrew J. Nathan, Doh Chull Shin

January 2010

Columbia University Press



List of Figures and Tables ix
Acknowledgments xiii

1. Introduction: Comparative Perspectives on Democratic
Legitimacy in East Asia 1
Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, Andrew J. Nathan, and Doh Chull Shin

2. The Mass Public and Democratic Politics in South Korea:
Exploring the Subjective World of Democratization in Flux 39
Doh Chull Shin and Chong-Min Park

3. Mass Public Perceptions of Democratization in the Philippines: Consolidation in Progress? 61
Linda Luz Guerrero and Rollin F. Tusalem

4. How Citizens View Taiwan's New Democracy 83
Yu-tzung Chang and Yun-han Chu

5. Developing Democracy Under a New Constitution in Thailand 114
Robert B. Albritton and Thawilwadee Bureekul

6. The Mass Public and Democratic Politics in Mongolia 139
Damba Ganbat, Rollin F. Tusalem, and David Da-hua Yang

7. Japanese Attitudes and Values Toward Democracy 161
Ken'ichi Ikeda and Masaru Kohno

8. Democratic Transition Frustrated: The Case of Hong Kong 187
Wai-man Lam and Hsin-chi Kuan

9. China: Democratic Values Supporting an Authoritarian System 209
Tianjian Shi

10. Conclusion: Values, Regime Performance, and Democratic
Consolidation 238
Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, and Andrew J. Nathan

Appendix 1. Sampling and Fieldwork Methods 259
Appendix 2. Research Protocol 268
Appendix 3. Coding Scheme for Open-Ended Question on Understanding of Democracy 270
Appendix 4. Question Wording 275

Works Cited 281
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