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CIAO DATE: 12/2009

Palestinian Identity

Rashid Khalidi

January 2010

Columbia University Press



Preface vii
Introduction to the 2010 Reissue xvii
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Chapter 2 Contrasting Narratives of
Palestinian Identity 9
Chapter 3 Cultural Life and Identity in
Late Ottoman Palestine:
The Place of Jerusalem 35
Chapter 4 Competing and Overlapping
Loyalties in Ottoman Jerusalem 63
Chapter 5 Elements of Identity I:
Peasant Resistance to
Zionist Settlement 89
Chapter 6 Elements of Identity II:
The Debate on Zionism in
the Arabic Press 119
Chapter 7 The Formation of Palestinian
Identity: The Critical Years,
1917-1923 145
Chapter 8 The "Disappearance"
and Reemergence of
Palestinian Identity 177
Notes 211
Bibliography 267
Index 287