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CIAO DATE: 10/2008

China Returns to Africa: A Rising Power and a Continent Embrace

Chris Alden, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, Daniel Large

July 2008

Columbia University Press


Chinese-African relations became an issue of increasing importance leading up to the 2006 China-Africa Summit in Beijing. Nevertheless, academics and policymakers have largely neglected China’s expanding relationship with Africa. Scholars have yet to explore the concrete ways in which Chinese actors operate in different parts of Africa, and developmental policy advisors have yet to take the political dynamics and implications of this involvement into consideration when forming policy.

China Returns to Africa addresses key issues in contemporary Chinese-African relations, examining the impact of this relationship in issues of diplomacy, trade, and development. Beginning with the assertion that China is engaged in a “scramble for Africa” and that we are now on the brink of a “new Chinese imperialism,” the essays in this volume transcend narrow, media-driven concerns and offer one of the first far-ranging surveys of the consequences of China’s investment in Africa.


Table of Contents


Section I: Political Economy

Section II: International Perspectives

Section III: Relations in Focus

Section IV: Looking Forward


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